The film is a set of exactly repeated actions, but each time using different objects. It uses the structure of the fugue to create the films narrative, playing on the fugues characteristic of stating the subject in different voices.

Fugue in A major by Dmitri Shostakovich is a very interesting piece as it contains no harmonic dissonance at all. The Fugue was an outlier in a larger collection of Preludes and Fugues which at the time was panned by critics for being very harsh and dissonant.

The piece was written in 1950’s Russia under Stalin's regime and might have been a veiled criticism where any less subtle forms of criticism could have been very dangerous. Shostakovich had already been denounced for political incorrectness in 1948 by the communist party chairman, Andrei Zhdanov and lived under a persistent fear of the numerous purges that were taking place across Russia at that time.

The piece is performed by Sviatoslav Ricther in 1956 in Prague.


‘A word, a week.’ is an ongoing collaboration with Animography, a web shop and type foundry that provides animated typefaces.

Each week a different artist or studio creates an animation featuring a single word of their choice, using an animated typeface from their collection. Asked to participate, I choose the word ‘PERSPECTIVE’ and built on the idea that though things appear certain from one point of view, they may appear completely different from another. Hopefully, reminding us to keep an open mind and always consider other possibilities. The idea was elevated further by John Poon’s glorious sound design.

Special thanks (again) to Zack Lovatt, Nol Honig and Paul Slemmer for the constant expression help.

Design & Animation: Jordan Scott
Audio: John Poon
Typeface: Barbour by Timo Kuilder & Philip von Borries

Bronswick – Mes Automatismes (2020)

Music video for the song "Mes automatismes" by Montréal duo Bronswick, from the album "Nuits plurielles" (2019)

Direction, design, animation : Pierre-Nicolas Riou
Videographer, references : Katya Konioukhova
Producer : Samuel Caron, Telescope Films
Producer : Élise Lardinois, Telescope FIlms
Coordinator : Marjorie Gauvin, Telescope FIlms

Glas 2021 signal film

We’re excited to share with you the signal film for GLAS 2021 directed and animated by Jonathan Djob Nkondo.

GLAS 2021
April 5-11 Online
Passes on sale now!

Directed and Animated by: Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Graphic Designer: Sofia Pashaei

Music and Sound designer : Nicolas Snyder

Drum artist : Naji

Applied Materials | “We Work Here”

Applied Materials is the leader in the field of materials engineering, which is used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world. Their work in creating and modifying materials at atomic levels and on an industrial scale is world-class and is actively altering the possibilities within the tech industry. “We Work Here” is a three-minute film celebrating 60 years of future-shaping innovation in science and technology at Applied Materials.

Ziemia / Soil

In Polish language, word "Ziemia" means both "soil" and "Earth", which I think is a meaningful coincidence. It’s interesting to think what it would be like to live in an environment such as soil. Communication there happens in darkness, and consists of subtle vibrations and chemical signals - so much different than our loud, bright world above. The ground it is quieter, but it has its own specific sounds, that come from the organisms living there, roots growing, water travelling through. Fertile soil is something that takes a very long time to develop and very little time to destroy. For me it's a fragile, beautiful and mysterious environment - and that's how I aimed to depict it in this animation.

It is full CGI work, made using SideFX Houdini and Redshift.

This animation was created as a part of my exhibition, which was held from April 24th until May 8th, 2021 in Eskaem, an art gallery in Gda?sk.

I was able to use authentic recordings from the soil thanks to the Sounding Soil project by Marcus Maeder, Zurich University of the Arts, Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST, 2017-2020

Audio production and editing
Marcin Szulc / Coastline Northern Cuts

Designed and produced by
Zuzanna Ko?odziej / Vizuza

my instagram: @vi.zuza

Full post & photos from the exhibition:


Baïdir is an animated Tv series that I created with Charles Lefebvre and Thierry Rivière / produced at Andarta pictures / instagram.com/slimotion_baidir/

Hobbes x Firefly Case Study

Hobbes partnered with Firefly Drone Shows to bring world class shows to the night sky. Through our combined efforts, we have developed new techniques, workflows, and principles for choreographing up to 300 drones elegantly, safely, and under FAA restrictions. By putting a team of animators behind the wheel, we have been able to exceed creative goals and continue exploring the intersections of art and technology. — Hobbes https://hobbes.work/ Firefly https://www.fireflydroneshows.com/


Troubled by the changes he's going through, a restless backpacker seeks his place in the world. As he experiences a mysterious encounter in a concrete building, he hopes to have finally found such a place.

Diploma film by Aira Joana, Luca Struchen, Nicolas Roth and Pirmin Bieri. Produced by Lucerne School of Art and Design, Switzerland.

Supported by Aargauer Kuratorium, Hans-Streiff Stifung, Stiftung Anne-Marie Schindler