Spy films has yet again created a masterpiece, they were approached by Sony to recreate “Nuit Blanche” (which is linked in this post) under the name “Two Worlds” and directed by Arev Manoukian. The goal was to bring colour and stereo 3d to the commercial. Ultimately it is an advertisement for Sony’s amazing new television with their new stereoscopic technology.

The original was quite an amazing short film and one of my favourite. The 3d animation is very nicely rendered out and blends into the scene effortlessly. The cinematography is beautifully done and it portrays the romantic classical Hollywood era, the slow-motion technique helped portray the emotion and overall concept.

Although many prefer the original over the more recent “Two Worlds” it still creates fantastic atmosphere. Sony and Spy Films went for a slightly different approach in this rendition; Leonard Cohen helped out by narrating over the cinematics with a poem he had written, which gave it quite a poetic feel. I relatively enjoyed the narration approach, which helped give “Two Worlds” a little bit more individuality. It is set in modern day times opposed to the classical Hollywood era.

On the technical side of things, all the scenery was meticulously 3d modeled to create the most physically accurate world; the quality of the photorealism in the renders is amazing. The actors were not 3d models, instead they were filmed behind a green screen and later composited into the final render. They filmed at around 500-2500 frames per second to create help the slow motion effect flow. Spy films used almost half a million watts of power to light up many shots.

The only downside of the clip is that they attempted to one up on the original “Nuit Blanche”, which is a seeming difficult task. Many fans of the original feel slightly offended, the original “Nuit Blanche” has such a powerful personal connection with people. I prefer the first personally, but it's great they got to re-explore this idea.

Overall I think Spy films reinvented “Nuit Blanche” quite well, obviously it will never surpass the original in many viewers opinion, but still created a great composite and told the story of love at first site brilliantly.



Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.



Making of Sony Two Worlds from Spy Films on Vimeo.