What if plastic could be integrated into sea life? The Beauty directed by Pascal Schelbli is a poetic journey through the oceans, which are simultaneously stunning and filthy. Discover a world where concerns and fears dissolve into the mysterious depth of the polluted blue sea. Subscribe to the channel: https://bit.ly/31vOHH3? Director: Pascal Schelbli VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele Producer: Tina Vest, Aleksandra Todorovic Creature TD: Noel Winzen TD: Lokas Gotkowski Underwater Cinematography: David Iskender Dinçer CG Artists: Pascal Schelbli, Marc Angele, Noel Winzen, Fynn Große-Bley, Lukas Gotkowski Editing: Pascal Schelbli Grading: fatrat Color Grading Voice Over: Charlie Gardner Film music: Alexander Wolf David, Petteri Sainio, Meike Katrin Stein Sound Design & Mischung: Robin Harff Production company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH - - - - - The Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, with its Animation Institute and the postgraduate masterclass Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, is one of the internationally most acclaimed film and media schools. On a unique campus including the neighbouring Academy of Performing Arts, the 500 students receive an interdisciplinary, highly practical education close to the film and media market by the hands of over 300 freelance teachers directly from the industry. www.filmakademie.de www.animationsinstitut.de www.atelier-ludwigsburg-paris.com