I recently found this short film and was very impressed with the concept. A short futuristic film with a hint of horror by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo created for their graduation project. The short incorporates the concept of apps/ games and blends it together with futuristic eyeball implantable user interface. I feel the way apple and its many apps and games are getting increasingly popular, it seems probable as a concept. Alternative to using an iPhone as the medium; the whole world is the medium and the "sight" (eyeball interface) creates another layer to persons vision, which seems to assist in household chores and replacing the need for television and even to further impress women.

Many film makers try to grasp what the future may have in store for society, and many go overboard. I feel the creators of ‘Sight’ have grasped augmented reality well and still kept it in the realm of a probable situation.

Although it’s set in the future, ultimately the movie is about gamification and obsession for "achievements". The guy disposes of the whole cucumber only to acquire a perfect score in the fruit ninja-like game, similar situation with the girl as she was hard achievement on the wingman app. It seemed the main character had an obsession with perfection and to create somewhat of a perfect score of a night.

On the Technical side of things, it seems they have used after effects or similar post production software to create the effects (perhaps nuke, although that’s more for 3d compositing) I feel they executed the effects brilliantly.

The great special effects compliment the storyline well, and even the acting was above average; in comparison to many other graduation projects.

Overall ‘Sight’ had a great concept as a foundation and also very well executed. One of the best short films I've seen in ages. The content was original, very high quality and attention to detail was quite magnificent.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.