By March 16, 2019 Blog

A film directed by Device

Based on the story by Elizabeth Bonesteel
Read Elizabeth Bonesteel’s original story here: http://bit.ly/2SpzdRW

Creative Direction: The Verge (theverge.com)
Creative Director: William Joel

Produced by Device

Illustration: Device
Animation: Device, David Feliu, Sebastian Garcia, Jong-Ha Yoon, Karol Szczepankiewicz.
Clean up: Device, Luke Etcheverry, Sergi Ros, Sheila Hattaf, Jong-Ha Yoon, Karol Szczepankiewicz, Demian Garnero.

Screenplay: William Joel

Ray: Kyle Stewart
Ando: Michael McDaniel

Music: Sono Sanctus 
Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Executive Producers: Eleanor Donovan, Nilav Patel.
Supervising Producers: Sophie Erickson
Production Manager: Meg Toth
Editorial Director: Helen Havlak
General Manager: Steven Belser
Netwoek Manager: Sarah Bishop Woods