“Oh, the places you’ll go at burning man” is an inspirational short Directed and edited by a small studio that goes by the name of Tedshots run by Teddy Saunders. “Based on Dr. Seuss’s final book before his death, this is a story about life’s ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011”.This short Won Best Short Film in the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Burning man is an annual event that lasts a full week, it is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada located In the United States. The event coincides with Labor day in the States, around the end of August to the start of September.

The script belonged originally to Dr. Seuss, who was a children book author and wrote about life in a playful and lyrical way, this aided children to further understand the concept. “Oh, the Places you’ll Go” is a book about taking control of your own life when facing difficulties in life such as loneliness, fear and confusion and ultimately is about believing in yourself.

This film was shot using three Canon 7D's on rotation throughout the day, because of the abundance of sand and dust in the Nevada desert. The audio was recorded with a Zoom H4N. The production took the Tedshots crew all seven days at Burning Man to shoot.

Although there isn’t amazing motion graphics or 3d compositing involved which is a rarity and never necessarily guarantees quality, Teddy took a more traditional approach and used great shots and editing to convey the story of Dr. Seuss’s “oh the places you’ll go”.

Teddy chose appropriate scenery to match up with the characters personalities; I also found he appropriately matched up the cast to the script quite well. The imagery was very clear and visually appealing; the location of the production also added quite a nice aesthetic, being a dessert many warm colours were present.

Overall this is one of my favourite short films. Teddy Saunders put quite a lot of thought in his short, resulting in an inspirational film which is visually pleasing and poetic.

Oh, The Places You'll Go at Burning Man! from Teddy Saunders on Vimeo.