ODC The Light at the Start of Everything

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We took an ethereal post production journey with this piece.
How does one fully encapsulate the essence and beauty of one of the rarest and expensive diamonds known to man? We took a step back to marvel at the creation of this piece of history.
Where did it all begin?
We present to you – Okavango Blue diamond with 0307 Films and TBWA
Evolution. Creation. Beauty.
Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Executive Producer: Jo Barber
Agency : Tbwa Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
ECD : Pete Khoury
Creative Group Head / Art Director : Coenie Grebe
CD / Writer : Steph van Niekerk
Agency Producer : Sandra Gomes
Client Service : Bridget Booms
DOP : Fabian Vettiger
AD : Annelize Frost
Editor : Xander van der Westhuizen
Post Production : Wicked Pixels
Creative Director: Gavin Coetzee
Post producer: Gabriella Harris
Colourist : Kyle Stroebel
Audio Engineer : Lorens Person
Composer : Nic van Reenan | Field Audio