In this music video for “Colors and Shapes,” Hornet Director Sam Mason pays tribute to Mac Miller with a surreal & stirring film commissioned by Miller’s family. Following Mac Miller's dog Ralphie as he embarks on a quest into unconsciousness, the film is a dreamscape portrait with abstract yet realistic CG animation, ethereal transitions, and a genuine, heartfelt story.

Director Sam Mason
Client 4 Strikes / Karen Meyers
Commissioned by Miller McCormick
Production Co Hornet
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer Hana Shimizu
Producer Hanna Smith-Ide
Associate Producer Heather Hardin
Editor Sam Stulin
Pre Production
Storyboard Artist Camillo Clauser
Environment Designer Chiara Benedetti
Character Design Jeff Jank
Previs Meg Oswalt
Rigging George Smaragdis, Josh Planz
Look Dev Nicole Noel, Sam Mason
Modelling / Texturing Nicole Noel, Douglas Silva, Ivan Joy,
Laney Lai, Emily Mai, Neil Jackson
Groom Giovani Kososki
Senior Animator Daniel Callaby, Clement Pierre, Jim Bierton
Animator Meg Oswalt, Monica Stevenson