Jesper Ryom – Nights

By Blog

I sometimes send a message to people who inspire me, like Jesper Ryom. A casual facebook message, what could possible come from that…?

I’m very proud to have directed the music video for “Nights”, a new track by Jesper Ryom. I was over the moon to get awesome teammate Sofie Lee to help out with design. Together we worked days and nights to create this audio visual journey.

The story; In a time of self isolation we reflect on our past. In a time of being inside, what more do we crave then running outside and enjoying vast horizons and nature, like a child.

Director – Mathijs Luijten
Designer – Sofie Lee
Animation – Mathijs Luijten
Additional Animation – Will Pietsch
Musician – Jesper Ryom
Label – Gautier De Bosredon (delicieuse-musique)