Hinabi – Pause Fest 2019

By Blog

‘HINABI’ is the Filipino word for ‘WOVEN’ which is how our future paths should be: devoid of barriers, prejudice and bias, free from toxic herd mentalities.

Technology has indirectly built these imaginary walls that have torn through our social fabric.

Break through.
‘HINABI’ is our entry for this year’s Motion Response theme “The Future is Intimate” at Pause Fest in Melbourne.

Directed by Acid House
Story & Creative Direction: Pauline & Ivan Despi
Design & compositing: Ivan Despi
CG artists: Rod Tinapay, Gedrocks Roldan & Ivan Despi
Sound design: Reev Robledo
Music: Pauline Vicencio-Despi
Vocals: Anjeline de Dios