BlackMagic Cinema Camera

By August 28th, 2012 Blog

The Blackmagic cinema camera yet to be released has caused quite a stir in the world of digital film. Blackmagic as a company is known to focus on developing accessories and software for other camera systems, they decided with all their expertise in the field to give it a shot themselves. The company has told the media that the blackmagic cinema camera will be priced at around $3000, which is an amazing price for all the features the camera has to offer.  It seems it may be a big competitor just considering price alone, for instance the RED scarlet which was released quite recently is priced at just under $10,000.

The Blackmagic cinema camera features an amazingly massive 2.5k sensor, which is an amazing resolution for the price; although if you are eager to pay an extra $7000 you can get the scarlet with its 5k stills and 4k motion potential.

Another great feature that’s offered is 13 stops of dynamic range which is beyond anything currently available in the camera market at this price; “This preserves detail in both shadows and highlights, and even handles indoor shots while keeping the details of any images captured through windows”. It supports both CinemaDNG and RAW formats; storage is handled by a built in SSD drive, where you can insert 2.5” Solid state drives.

colour grade

Common DSLR                           ShotRAW Wide Dynamic Range           Final Color Graded Shot

The camera is able to use EF and ZE mount lenses which allows consumers to use their favourite canon and Zeiss lenses they have spent fortunes on.

In terms of its aesthetic the camera is encased in a machined aluminum chassis, which in my opinion looks ok, of course many don’t appreciate the design as blackmagic has gone with something a little eccentric. It also features a 5” touchscreen that displays settings such as shutter angle, ISO and battery percentage. The screen is similar to a smartphone, it allows the user to enter metadata for footage and direct playback from the SSD.

From amateur film makers to professional videographers the Blackmagic Cinema camera is a quality camera in terms of price VS quality. Although the battery life isn’t great, Blackmagic have created quite a fantastic product which will be released sometime next month.