All. I. Can is a documentary all about skiing some of the steepest slopes in several of the most remote locations such as Morocco, Chile, Greenland and Alaska being just a few.

Sherpas cinema has done a brilliant job of editing and selecting their shots. They took 2 years to film and edit the totality of the film and used a variety of filming equipment, from the large resolution of the RED cam to the many frames per second Phantom HD Gold; and of course many others such as the GoPro helmet cams and  the canon 7D.

The lengthy filming period allowed Sherpas to create some jaw dropping time-lapse cinematography; the pulse and breath of the earth become more noticeable, seasons change in the blink of an eye, plants bloom and shrivel.

In addition we see clips on the other side of the spectrum shot in super slow motion 1000 frames per second, to give us an insight of the invisible world that’s occurs behind our human visual limitations, and the minute intricate movements that separate master skiers from novice.

I found the opening sequence to be one of the most amazing composites of time-lapse shots. Throughout the opening sequence Sherpas cinema present to viewer aspects of the world as it is today; from earth going through the seasons to industrial factories creating circuit boards. There is a slight environmental message present throughout the whole film, but lacks a clear message.

Being predominantly a skiing film showcasing the best talent in the world of snow sports, it still provoked deep thought. Coming to the end of the film we are left to ponder over a message “to do more instead of less” which can be taken in many ways but overall great advice.

Overall I think the amount of detail and thought went into the whole film is phenomenal.  I am not the biggest fan of skiing and snow sports and I still thoroughly enjoyed watching the entirety of the film from start to finish, which is a rarity. The trailers are great, but I highly recommend watching the whole documentary.