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September 2012

Cycle (assignment 1)

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The narrative behind my first assignment is heavily based on the idea of cyclic existence that is the human life and even beyond that. I haven’t decided whether or not to continue with this narrative for my final assignment yet; but if I do this will be just one aspect of the final assignment, I will in the future create more footage to fill in gaps and collate the narrative.

The plot drew inspiration from one of my favourite songs “clockwork” by phrase; “Another child’s born and another man dies” Is the line to which I will be basing the first assignment on. In future I will be using similar lines and transitioning through different cyclic situations. The narrative is simple as a whole, although a little bit complicated when trying to explain individual transitions.

For this assignment I will be utilizing Chroma key compositing (green screen) as one of the main effects to later composite and add different footage in the background. I also have used a time-lapse shot of a main road; this is possible with the new version of magic lantern which enables time-lapse on the canon 550D, although I just filmed for 10 minutes and just sped it up.

Obviously one of the main problems that I came across was keying out the green to seamlessly blend with the backgrounds. I created a homemade green screen in my backyard out of green material and seemed to work alright; defiantly not professional grade but good enough.

The use of green screen allowed me to place whatever footage I wanted in the background; my assignment was heavily based on this concept.

Overall I think it came out alright, nothing that I am amazingly proud of. I’m not sure if I will continue the same theme for the final assignment. I feel some may not understand the underlying meaning of the composite due to slightly poor story telling; perhaps some narration or text could rectify this situation in the future.

Summary of Last 12 Blogs

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Throughout the semester I published 12 blogs covering many aspects of the world of digital film and animation. Many of these videos were clips I personally enjoyed, also many doubled up as aids in assisting me in the development process for my own work. I covered many mediums from old school film shot on 70 mm film to intricate 3d animations.

3D Animations

 I really appreciate 3d animation; throughout my blogs I covered 3d animation quite a lot and always knew I would later on incorporate it into my major assignment.

One clip I looked at was “RUIN”, an animated short film set in a post-apocalyptic world created by Oddball Animation. I found the animation incredible, extremely realistic and overall visually pleasing.

VFX films

 I looked at many VFX based clips, one that stands out is “sight” A short futuristic film with a hint of horror by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo created for their graduation project. The short incorporates the concept of apps/ games and blends it together with futuristic eyeball implantable user interface. I found it very innovative.

Visually appealing

 Sure 3d animation and VFX are great but straight out old school film can be amazing as well. Many blogs throughout the semester have been posted primarily for their visual appeal. “Oh, the places you’ll go at burning man” standing out of the bunch because of its poetic nature and incredible landscapes.

Kinetic typography

 I only posted one clip relative to typography; “Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus “ is an info-graphic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code. I first saw this on hungry beast and relished the whole clip. I think using these techniques is a great way to communicate to the audience and get a message across.

Slow Motion

 When I make enough money the first thing I will be doing is buying a phantom HD just so I can film slow motion.  But for now I can use my canon 550D and the incredible twixtor plugin in after effects, similarly to the “7D 1000fps” clip created using obviously enough a 7d and twixtor.

Overall I posted about a diverse selection of videos, all relating back to VFX somehow. I eventually chose to attempt to create an info-graphic as my major project.